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Randy Martin, audio mastering engineer, sitting in front of a microphone in a recording studio.
I’m Randy Martin, owner and mastering engineer at Studio151 Mastering in Tennessee. I partner with artists, chief recording engineers and studio managers like you in order to bring out the very best in any piece of recorded music for you or your clients.

I achieved Mastering Engineer Certification after intensive study under the incredible Friedemann Tischmeyer at The Mastering Academy in Hamburg Germany. I was fortunate enough to be studying with some of the best audio engineers in the world representing a wide range of music genres.

I’ve been an audiophile and musician for 40+ years and studio owner since 2008. Growing up on classical music, I formed a strong appreciation for musicality, musicianship and musical dynamics. As a rock musician, I am most fond of progressive rock, jazz, folk, blues, bluegrass, classic rock and classical music. I have several years of experience as a live sound engineer and have worked with several artists including Sherri Youngward, Eddie Manion, Molasses Creek, God’s Square Mile, among many others.

I studied electronics all through school and took to electronic projects as a young man. Later on, with an early background in electronics and schooling in circuitry, I began building tube and solid state equipment (stereo gear, guitar amplifiers, speakers, microphones, car stereos, surround sound home theater systems etc.) – through all this I grew a firm understanding of how audio is reproduced through various electronic components. This understanding translates to a firm foundation when it comes to mastering.

Choosing the right path and the right tools for your audio signal is the key to getting the most out of your music! You and/or your client worked hard writing, recording and mixing your song. Take that song to the next level with a great master!
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Certified Apple Digital Masters

Studio151 LLC is a certified Apple Digital Masters facility and part of an international community of world class mastering engineers.

Contact me if you’d like a brief consult prior to starting your recording project or if you need some pointers to ‘get off on the right foot’!
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