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Clean Slate by God’s Square Mile

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Studio151 LLC.

Written by George Robson IV and David Robson, and featuring Whitney Kelly. Audio recorded at Studio151, video recorded by David Robson and George Robson V (all rights reserved by George Robson IV, David Robson and George Robson V)

Amazing Grace and A Change is Gonna Come by Eddie Manion

Live Mix and Recording done at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Ocean Grove, NJ by FOH Engineer Randy Martin.

-All rights reserved – Eddie Manion – (Please refer to credits in video)

Alleluia – Written by Stephen Mugglin, performed by “God’s Square Mile”

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Studio151 LLC.

Recording Process - Alleluia

I recorded this song on location at a farm in NJ. The space was very reflective – lots of glass, hardwood floors, hard wall surfaces and a two story vaulted ceiling. I used a ‘layered’ approach – one or two elements at a time – in order to reduce bleed and be able to isolate the sources as much as possible.

The band was utilizing an electronic drum kit which came in direct, along with the acoustic guitar simultaneously to lay the bed for everything else. The bass guitar was played through an Ampeg amp and miked using a Heiserman H47 microphone through a Focusrite ISA One mic preamp. Likewise, the same signal chain was used for electric guitars (H47 on guitar amp, ISA One) as well as vocals. Keyboards were recorded direct in as well.

All was recorded into Cubase Pro 10.5 at 24 bit and 88.2 KHz through a Steinberg UR44 interface on a MacBook Pro. The drums were augmented back in my studio with an acoustic drum kit using Peluso CEMC-6 overhead mics, Shure SM57 on the Snare and an Audix D6 on the kick into a UA 4710-D then through a Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 into Cubase Pro 11.

The song was mixed in Cubase Pro 11 on a Mac Pro tower and mastered in Wavelab Pro 11.
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