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Client Project: Cheat River Blues

May 19, 2022
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I recently had the honor and privilege to collaborate with some very talented musicians on a song called "The Cheat River Blues". The song was written by Mike Britner and inspired by the Cheat River in West Virginia. Mike was fishing in the Cheat River and apparently, the fish weren't keeping him real busy leaving him time to come up with the idea for this song....that was many years ago. He recently reached out to Gary Mitchell, a talented folk musician, leader of the band Molasses Creek and owner of SoundSide Records on Ocracoke Island, NC. Gary took on the project of recording this song that had been performed live over the years in local establishments in Appalachia but never recorded.

Gary enlisted the help of a few local NC artists for different parts, including his daughter, Katy, to sing lead. After recording the other elements, Gary contacted me to record the drum and percussion parts. Gary set about getting the other elements recorded - guitar, bass, vocals, etc. He sent me the rough stereo mix of what he had so far along with a click track. I loaded that stereo mix into my DAW in my studio and recorded myself on drums. Once I had a good take on the drum kit, I recorded separate tracks for shaker, cabasa, guiro, vibra-slap and cowbell. I played these straight through the whole song, I knew Gary would pick and choose when to drop these elements in and when to take them out in the final mix.

After all the tracks were recorded, I sent all the files to Gary for the final mix. Gary masterfully arranged the track and finalized his mix. Once done, he sent the final mix to me for mastering.

Audio Mix

Audio Master

Gary and I were delighted with the final master and more importantly, Gary's client Mike was pleased. The track was just featured (May 2022) on the "Sounds Good to Me" podcast with Aristotle Jones from WAJR radio in Morgantown, WV., the podcast episode is called "Says You, Says Who, Says Me" and is available for you to enjoy. Cheat River Blues opens the podcast, but the entire podcast is worth your time to take a listen. Enjoy!

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