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Elevate your recordings with top-tier Audio Mastering Services in Tennessee. Whether your project involves music, podcasts, commercials, or audiobooks, professional audio mastering is the key to unlocking their full potential.

Mastering is a complex and artful process, demanding expert audio editing and meticulous quality control. At Studio151 Mastering Services, founded by the renowned Mastering Engineer, Randy Martin, we bring this art to life.

Our mission is clear: We'll master your well-recorded stereo mix, preparing it for release on various platforms, including CD, MP3, Apple iTunes, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, and more. We infuse your work with the punch, clarity, and spatial balance it deserves while adhering to the precise 'loudness target' (LUFS), Bit Rate, and Sample Rate requirements of each platform. Your audio journey begins here, in the heart of Tennessee.

Realize Your Vision!

Studio151 respects your musical vision!

We all know it’s frustrating when you’re laying down your tracks and they sound great in the studio monitors, but don’t translate well when played back on a car stereo, or living room system. It feels dull or lifeless – like someone has turned the contrast down on the world you’ve worked so hard to build.

As the lead engineer on your recording, you’ve spent a lot of time recording and mixing and have the mix right where you and your client want it.

It’s time to turn it over to the mastering engineer…. This is a little scary, you have to trust your ‘baby’ to someone else. You need to be able to trust the hands you’re giving this music to, someone who shares the vision you and your client (the artist) have created.

You need a collaborator, someone with the skills, tools and attention to detail that you have. Someone with integrity. Someone who will listen to you, listen to the artist and most importantly, listen to the music you’ve created and be able to take that music the last few steps to the final, polished master. You need the personal attention of a Certified Mastering Engineer, one who respects your project as much as you do and will deliver with integrity.

Audio Mastering

You need someone who’s mastering skills have been honed over a number of years of taking raw stereo feeds from live mix consoles, multitrack recordings – both live and studio – and turning them into radio ready masters with the punch, clarity and stereo image of modern professional recordings. That experience combined with intensive study and hands on mastering experience and ultimately certification through the acclaimed Mastering Academy in Hamburg Germany, you can trust you’re in the right hands.

My goal is to get you across the finish line. To make your work stand apart and to make your client say to you – “you chose the right guy for the job!”
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