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Audio Mastering in Johnson City, TN

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Johnson City, Tennessee echoes with the sounds of musical history as the birthplace of country music. It was here in 1927 during the legendary Bristol Sessions that the first commercial country music tracks were recorded, launching the careers of pioneers like Jimmie Rodgers and the Carter Family. This rich legacy lives on through Johnson City’s thriving local music scene.

At Studio151 Mastering, we carry on Johnson City’s musical heritage with professional audio mastering services that polish mixes and prepare them for release according to modern industry standards. As a Johnson City native, I’m proud to help local artists achieve audio excellence.

Hi, I’m Randy Martin, owner and mastering engineer at Studio151 Mastering and serving Johnson City, TN musicians with their audio mastering needs. With decades of experience in live sound, and electronics, and as a musician myself, I have the expertise to take your audio projects to the next level.

My Qualifications as a Johnson City Mastering Expert

Having recently relocated to Telford, TN, I grew up immersed in a wide variety of musical genres and developed a passion for creating the best-sounding tracks possible. After honing my skills in doing live sound for regional bands and artists, I achieved Mastering Engineer Certification through intensive study at Hamburg’s prestigious Mastering Academy in Germany.

With extensive expertise in audio electronics and a meticulous, trained ear, I provide:

  • Music track polishing - Optimizing flow, spacing, imaging
  • Dynamic range optimization - Punchy, competitive loudness
  • Sound balancing and EQ - Enhancing the mix qualities
  • Audio clarity - Adding professional sheen and vibrance

My hybrid analog/digital mastering suite gives me the tools to polish your audio through precise dynamic sculpting, EQ tuning, spectral shaping, harmonic excitation and more. With quality control and attention to detail, my audio mastering gives your projects the competitive sonic polish they deserve.

Serving Johnson City’s Music Community

As a musician myself, I have a passion for helping artists - including those based in Johnson City to achieve a radio-ready sound. My mastering studio works with local musicians across all genres to deliver polished masters optimized for modern streaming and media platforms.

Some of our core music mastering services include:

  • Album Track Sequencing: I arrange your songs for optimal flow, spacing and consistency across the album.
  • Loudness Optimization: Using multi-band compression and limiting, I sculpt dynamics for punchy masters with competitive volume while retaining clarity.
  • EQ Shaping: I enhance the tonal balance and quality of your mixes, bringing out the best sonic characteristics.
  • Stereo Widening: Precise delays, reverbs and panning create a full, spacious stereo image.
  • Harmonic Excitement: Adding subtle harmonics and saturation brings vibrance and a professional sheen.

Next-Level Audio for Podcasts, Audiobooks and More

At Studio151, I also provide audio mastering and restoration services for spoken word projects, audio/video productions and businesses:

  • Podcast Mastering: Editing and optimizing podcast audio ensures clarity, consistency and loudness across episodes.
  • Audiobook Mastering: Precision editing, repair and sequencing prepares audiobook files for publishing platforms.
  • Video Post Audio: Polishing and sweetening video soundtracks helps corporate, promotional and tutorial videos stand out.
  • Audio Restoration: Reducing ticks, pops, hum and background noise in archival recordings and vinyl transfers.
  • Audio Format Conversion: Expertly converting between lossless and lossy formats (WAV, FLAC, MP3, AAC).

Obsessive Quality Control

With decades of experience in live sound and electronics, I have developed an expert ear for precision mastering. I personally listen closely throughout the entire mastering process and provide unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied.

My obsession with quality control ensures your audio shines through with maximum vibrance, clarity, and impact. I stand behind my work, my ears, and my tools to deliver reliable results.

Proudly Serving Johnson City for Over a Decade

I opened Studio151 Mastering over 10 years ago as a way to pursue my passion and give back to the East Tennessee creative community. While I work with clients worldwide, I take pride in helping launch and amplify the careers of local artists.

I continue to upgrade my analog hardware and leading mastering software like iZotope Ozone, FabFilter Pro-Q3, and RX to provide Johnson City artists with world-class mastering capabilities without leaving home.

Let's Get Started!

Contact me today to learn how my audio mastering services can take your next project to the next level. I look forward to serving Johnson City’s creative community for many years to come. Let’s polish your sound and carry on this town’s spectacular musical legacy.

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